Celebrating over 40 years of Research, Training, and Policy Development
est. 1969

Welcome to the WorkPlace Center

The Center for Social Policy and Practice in the Workplace (Workplace Center) at Columbia School of Social Work is a cutting edge service delivery, program development, research, training and consultation institute.

Founded in 1969, the Workplace Center is a nationally recognized center of innovation and best practice. Staffed by experienced researchers, clinical specialists and skilled trainers, it can call on the faculty and resources of a great university.

The Center has assisted public and private employers on both an international and national level. Our client base includes hospitals, social welfare organizations, major corporations, government agencies, universities and trade unions.

The Center has assisted these organizations in developing programs that are cost effective and responsive to employee needs.

The Workplace Center is a recepient of the Commissioner's Child Advocacy Award from the Administration for Children's Services for 2012.