World of Work Placement Site

Let your agency be a field placement for a Master's level student intern.

Unique to Columbia's School of Social Work is the "World of Work" field of practice. In addition to the rigorous and comprehensive Social Work curriculum, World of Work students also study:

  • the meaning of work from an individual, historical and societal perspective
  • trade unions and employers as sponsoring auspices and financial supporters of social policy formulation and social service program delivery
  • the selective application of general social work ideas, theories and practices to the specialized interests of work setting
  • the diversity of workers as the target population, and how to use this specialized view as a conceptual framework for identifying the nature of other fields of practice,
  • mutuality and conflict in coping with multiple roles of worker and family member over the life cycle
  • the impact of work, and employment, on presenting problems, service eligibility, specialized service delivery systems, and relevant interventions
  • legislation relevant to the relationship between the world of work and the social welfare sector
  • social workers as workers; options for self empowerment through organizing, evaluation of practice, use of specialized knowledge and skill.

The Workplace Center is a "World of Work" field placement site for second year Columbia University School of Social Work graduate students.

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