About Us

The Workplace Center is the "first and foremost" institute devoted to workplace issues in any school of social work. It is a nationally recognized center of innovation, knowledge and best practice, staffed by a multidisciplinary team expert in research, education and training, program development, policy analysis, technical assistance and consultation. 

The Workplace Center promotes the concept  that securing meaningful work is a fundamental right of all people and that work contributes to self-efficacy, well-being, financial independence and optimal workplace functioning. The Center is committed to advancing work outcomes for everyone, particularly those who are marginalized by a wide array of challenges in the workplace.  At the same time, the Center seeks to help employers maximize the productivity of the workforce. Productive use of the labor force is a universal goal for individual workers, their employers and unions representing them.

Through research, evidence based practice, training and education initiatives, the Center deals with a wide array of issues that include:

  • Managing workforce development and planning initiatives
  • Program implementation and support for working individuals with a disability and/or a mental health condition
  • Creating better work/life balance for working caregivers
  • Addressing substance abuse in the workplace
  • Preparing workplaces and organizations for disaster response
  • Fostering gender and other workplace diversity
  • Assisting for profit and other organizations to develop policies and practices to promote inclusive workplaces
  • Developing evidence based, cost effective employment policies and programs for employers to improve organizational effectiveness and performance
  • Implementing and evaluating EAPs and MAPs

The Center has assisted public and private employers at national and international levels. Our client base includes employers in the following sectors:

  • Hospitals
  • Social welfare organizations 
  • Major corporations
  • Governmental agencies
  • Universities 

The Center works with trade unions at the local, state and national level. Client base includes:

  • Municipal Unions
  • Construction and Craft Unions
  • Health and Hospital Workers Unions

Working with our client organizations, the Center has developed programs that are cost effective, collaborative, responsive and reflective of the needs of our varied constituencies.

Celebrating over 40 years of Research, Training, and Policy Development
est. 1969