Vision and Mission


Celebrating 45+ years contributing to Workplaces that WORK.


To be the premier, innovative and cutting edge research, program development, policy, training and consultation institute committed to the dissemination of best-practice that promotes work as an opportunity and fundamental right for all.

Our Values:

  • Work as a fundamental right. Access to meaningful work is a fundamental right of all human beings and contributes to their self-efficacy, well-being, and financial independence.
  • Evidence based practice. The best practices in the field are guided by scientific evidence. The Center’s research is applied directly to practice (R2P). 
  • Workforce development.  The Center’s expertise lies in understanding the relationships among employer, employee, and where relevant, trade unions. We help the workforce and the workplace understand their inter-dependent relationship and build a balanced workplace.  
  • Strengths perspective. In accord with Social Work values, we believe that focusing on a person’s or an organization’s strengths is critical in promoting sustainable positive change. 
  • Systems approach to organizational change. Organizations and individuals exist as parts of complex systems that must be analyzed as a whole to understand problems fully and create sustainable solutions.

Celebrating over 40 years of Research, Training, and Policy Development
est. 1969